World Down Syndrome Day is an internationally recognized observance day which falls on March 21st each year. The theme for World Down Syndrome Day in 2024 is focused on ending stereotypes, emphasizing the importance of challenging misconceptions and promoting inclusivity and understanding for individuals with Down syndrome. This theme aims to raise awareness about the capabilities, talents, and unique perspectives of people with Down syndrome, while advocating for their rights and equal opportunities in society. By addressing stereotypes and promoting a more accurate and positive representation of individuals with Down syndrome, the aim is to foster greater acceptance, respect, and support for their full participation in all aspects of life.

Down syndrome is the most common genetic cause of intellectual disability, the most common autosomal trisomy, and one of the most visible and universally recognized genetic syndromes. Each year there are approximately 6,000 babies born in the United States with Down syndrome, affecting approximately 1 out of every 700 babies. However, with appropriate support and treatment, most people with Down syndrome lead happy, productive lives. Within the past 25 years, the average lifespan for a person with Down syndrome has doubled, from 30 to 60 years.  Despite this increase in lifespan, individuals with Down syndrome and their families face significant and changing health challenges.

There are many ways to advocate for the Down Syndrome community.  Here are some great ways to do on this day and any other day:

  •         Educate those who are unfamiliar with DS and the abilities they have to offer.
  •         Volunteer to work with individuals with DS by working at a center or an adult day program.
  •         Volunteer as a job coach to help someone learn a new skill to be more employable.

Today, and every day is the right day to advocate for individuals with Down Syndrome!


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