I/DD Services in North Carolina & Florida

CBC is a service provider who truly understand the needs of those with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. We’re here to help.

You need community-based or residential services and more. Your service provider should truly understand the needs of those with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. Quality of care is of the utmost importance. CBC’s CARF- and ARF-accredited agencies offer a range of services to the I/DD communities of NC and FL.

From residential supports to supported employment services and respite care, decades of experience have confirmed our belief in two things:

We help you get the most out of each day!

Our CBC family of providers work to help you navigate your individual goals to get the most of your waiver benefits…and to get the most out of each day!

*Note that service terminology may vary by state. Questions? Let’s talk!

North Carolina I/DD Services

B3 Medicaid (Non-Innovations) Community Based Services
Personal Care Services (Lenoir, NC area only)

Psychological Testing (Gastonia, NC area only)

Community-Based Waiver Services (NC Innovations, formerly CAP)
Residential/Overnight Services — Group or Family Setting
Private Pay Services
State-Funded (IPRS)

Florida I/DD Services

State-Funded (IPRS)

Common Questions

Residential supports are services that assist individuals living in group homes and alternative family living (AFL) settings. Community living supports assist those living in their own homes or the homes of their family members. Both types work to promote personal growth and community engagement for the individual.

While most of our services are available through Medicaid waivers, many individuals and their families seek day support and/or respite services independently. This can be on a regular basis or just as needed.

Becoming CARF- and ARF- accredited means adopting a high set of standards for the care we provide and then opening our doors for external review. A CARF or ARF accreditation is a badge of honor, and all of CBC’s I/DD service agencies have earned theirs!

We’re in the people business.

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As one of the largest providers in the market we serve, CBC is able to ensure a depth of service delivery that better supports the diverse needs of our I/DD community. Each agency in our family has long been rooted in its local communities which creates a culture of familiarity, understanding, and opens up our network for activities and employment opportunities.

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