Make each day more meaningful.

CBC Lindley

Founded in 1998 as Lindley Habilitation Services, our mission was simple: to provide truly exceptional services to truly exceptional people. We honor our roots and our I/DD community by continuing work to advance that goal, more than 20 years later. Our I/DD services, activities & NC locations are designed to better support you.

To make each individual’s day more meaningful. That’s the core of CBC Lindley.

We stay engaged with our clients, our team, and their needs.

I/DD Services:

Day Supports

Community Living & Supports

Day Programs

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Supported Living

Supported Employment

Community Networking

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Community Activities:



Seasonal Celebrations

Lindley College

In 2011, we expanded our service array to include day supports with a program designed to create a “college life experience”. We are proud of Lindley College! We are able to help our students create meaningful experiences that get them outside of a building and engaged in a schedule of learning life skills and having fun at the same time!

At each of our 7 Lindley College campuses, some of the activities include:

Lindley College Annual Greek Day

Our annual CBC Greek Day is one of CCF’s favorite events! Lindley College, part of CBC Lindley in NC, is a special day program dedicated to providing our clients with active life experiences including college tours, field trips, and more. At Greek Day, everyone is invited from our Lindley College campuses across the state for a day of college-style competitions, athletics, and fun that we can share together!

Every year, Greek Day is a huge hit with our community. See for yourself!

Rhonda G.

My son Sam was one of the first participants at Lindley College in Cary, NC. Sam has absolutely enjoyed the 3 years he’s been at LC. The staff there are extremely helpful, helped support me and my family, put on a wonderful, fun, exciting program for Sam. I always thought that if Sam didn’t go to LC, then I would apply for a job there. Great experience!”

Velma D.

This is a very happy place, which makes learning fun. They are constantly on the move with daily activities. The staff is absolutely wonderful. They care about their clients and also keep us informed about our son. The supervisors are always available to answer questions. For our family, it is a perfect fit.”

As one of the largest providers in the market we serve, CBC is able to ensure a depth of service delivery that better supports the diverse needs of our I/DD community. Each agency in our family has long been rooted in its local communities which creates a culture of familiarity, understanding, and opens up our network for activities and employment opportunities.

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