Your needs are diverse.
Tell us about them.
We’re good listeners.

CBC Pinnacle

We promise to always be compassionate and open to hearing the goals and needs of our clients. It’s as simple as that. What else are our services for if not working with you to support your growth and provide the same level of care we’d want for our own families?

CBC Pinnacle’s approach is to always provide the best quality service. Formerly Pinnacle Home Care, we were founded in 1999 to support the needs of our intellectually and/or developmentally disabled (I/DD) community in North Carolina. We are here to help people of all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds by providing the services you need with the attention to care and growth that you deserve.

Our Values:

Skilled, compassionate NC I/DD services with YOUR needs at heart.

You should have a voice in the decision-making process to determine the services and plans that support your best interest. We’re happy to work with you to discuss our services and your goals. Part of what makes us proud of our services is our foundation of building CBC Pinnacle around our professional, well-trained team. We value our people! Our team is also experienced in navigating the NC Innovations and B3 Medicaid waivers, as well as private pay services.

CBC Pinnacle offers a range of I/DD services and beneficial activities for our clients. Contact us for a complete list of available services near you!

Community-Based Services:

Community Living & Support

Residential Supports

Supported Employment

Respite Care

And more!

CBC Pinnacle Locations in NC


For me, I only have good things to say about you, your staff, and the services you provided.


Even if I just needed someone to talk to, Pinnacle staff were always available and there for me. I highly recommend CBC Pinnacle.

As one of the largest providers in the market we serve, CBC is able to ensure a depth of service delivery that better supports the diverse needs of our I/DD community. Each agency in our family has long been rooted in its local communities which creates a culture of familiarity, understanding, and opens up our network for activities and employment opportunities.

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