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  • The Importance of Community Inclusion for I/DD Children and Adults

    Inclusion of people with disabilities in everyday activities is important for everyone, not just the person with the IDD. Community inclusion is the opportunity to live [...]

  • Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Employment

    Adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities can make incredible employees for companies both big and small.  This population is severely underrepresented in the workplace, and research [...]

  • April Is Care Workers Recognition Month

    On Saturday, President Joe Biden released a Proclamation declaring April Care Workers Recognition Month.  Here is his decree in part: Across America, care workers help raise [...]

  • 3 Common Challenges After a TBI and How to Address Them

    A TBI (traumatic brain injury) can temporarily or permanently impact many different areas of functioning. Depending on the severity of the injury and which regions of [...]

  • What is the Difference Between Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities?

    The term “Intellectual and Developmental Disability” (I/DD) is designed to be as inclusive as possible. This diverse community is made up of individuals with their own [...]

  • Inclusive Family Activities for Kids with I/DD

    Fun for the entire family can sometimes feel like a tall order. Kids with intellectual and developmental differences who are part of multi-child families may have [...]

  • How to Make Your Home More Sensory Friendly

    We know that each child is unique, therefore autism and autism spectrum disorder can manifest in many ways. One of the hallmarks that kids with autism [...]

  • 4 Tips for Helping Kids with Special Needs Socialize

    Interpersonal connections are important for everyone, but they may be especially critical to the healthy development of children with special needs. The ability to relate to [...]

  • Promoting Dignity in the I/DD Community

    The differences in our abilities make us unique, but they don’t define our worth. People with intellectual and developmental disabilities all have their own interests, preferences, [...]